Light Up Your Stone

Portable lighting for the Stone Countertop Industry

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Portable Lighting for Stone Showrooms

Lights used in both the showroom and repair shop.  These portable lights can light up your stone in 3 different light temperatures to give you or your customers the best view of your stone samples.  Their choice of lighting, whether daylight, warm incandescent or brighter fluorescent will impact the look of your stone.  You can become a trusted consultant for your customers as they consider all of the choices for their room remodel.


Inspection Lighting for Quality Control

Inspection lighting can take the guesswork out of your quality control.  Inspection lights give you a brilliant reflection to quickly find blemishes at your Green screen (initial inspection), at the saw or at final inspection.  Find the problem areas early to avoid lost time or costly customer complaints. The lights come with 2 different color temperatures, to maximize your visibility on different color stones.


Repair lights to take with you

Better lighting leads to a quicker, better repair.  You can choose the light temperature that gives you the best view of the repair area to full understand the needed repair.  Make your repair and use the optional UV light to quickly cure the resin.  After buffing and finishing, go back to the right lighting to ensure you’ve made a perfect repair in any lighting condition.